We are seeking ministry partners to help facilitate a Disciple-Making revolution for the western Church and the world. God has given us a great challenge to “Go into all the world and make disciples.”

We have committed to do our part, whatever it takes, to be a part of the vision that Christ gave his church two thousand years ago. We are working to empower, release and unleash a movement of disciples who can make disciples through the simple spoken Word of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit –getting the Word of God into people’s lives and on their lips.

This movement is called DNA-21 for a reason. We are studying “the DNA of the disciple-making process that Jesus used in the first century and bringing it into the 21st Century.”

If you would like to partner with us and be a part of the revolution, then here are some ways that you can be involved:

Pray, not only for the DNA-21 Team, but also for the churches and individuals that we are training to be disciple-makers. Beyond that, pray for those in your area and your sphere of influence that God might have you disciple. Our greatest joy would be for you to be physically and spiritually involved in this Disciple-Making Revolution.

Donate Funds so others might become disciple- makers as well. An investment in the lives of others and the Kingdom of God has the potential to multiply beyond any investment you have ever made. Jesus said that what is sown into His kingdom can increase 30, 60, even a 100 times. Think of that…you invest in one disciple and if he is trained and empowered to lead others to be disciple-makers, his life may be multiplied in hundreds or even thousands of followers of Christ, reproducing across generations and you would have personally been involved in that disciple-making process. There are multiple ways you may sow financial seed:

For us to train a disciple-maker through a DNA-21 workshop, it costs about $50 per participant. You could sponsor the training of a disciple maker.

For us to train a small church, the cost is about $1,500. That includes everything necessary for 10-12 participants to be trained and to provide follow up through coaching and consulting needed for that church to be effective at Disciple-Making in their own community. Our hope and preference is for these trained churches to lead other churches in their community or surrounding area in the process of making disciples. It does not take much to see what kind of impact an investment like this could have in His Kingdom.

Be Involved. We would also love to have you go with us to help train or participate in any of these events if you are interested. We believe every opportunity to train is also an opportunity to share the training in order to reproduce ourselves.

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