Chronological Bible Storying - A method of sharing biblical truths by telling the stories of the Bible as intact stories in the order in which they happened in time. The person using this method leads the hearers to discover the truths of the Bible for the purpose of evangelizing, discipleship, leader training, and church planting.

Communication Preference - The favorite style or method of communication for an individual or group of people. There are two dominant poles in a communication-preference continuum – oral and literate. 70% of the world prefers oral communication stories, videos, movies, pictures and the like over strict literate forms or communication. It is how one chooses to gather information and assimilate it into their life that makes the difference.

Disciple - A person who has developed and is developing a personal, lifelong, obedient relationship with Jesus Christ. They allow Christ, through the Word of God and the Spirit of God, to transform their character to be more like His; change their values into Kingdom values; and their mission into His mission: in the home, the church, and the world and they teach others by example to do the same.


Experiential Learning - The process of actively engaging students in an authentic experience. Students make discoveries and experiment with knowledge themselves instead of hearing or reading about the experience of others. Students also reflect on their experiences, thus developing new skills, new attitudes, and new ways of thinking.


Orality - Reliance on spoken rather than written language for communication.


Oral-Preference Learner – Someone who prefers to learn or process information by oral rather than written means. Thus, it includes literate people whose preferred communication style is oral rather than literate, even though they can read. 70% of those in the world and 50% of those in the U.S. are oral-preference learners. They prefer to get their information through oral means: stories, videos, movies, pictures and the like.


Story Sets - A collection of stories that uses biblical truths and address a number of worldview-specific barriers to faith and practices; it also reinforces good things that form a bridge to understanding and obedience. These sets may be chronological or thematic depending on the needs of the learners.


Discovery Bible Storying - The process of telling stories from the Bible in relational small groups that intentionally make disciples who continue the reproduction process in others.

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