Jesus calls first disciples to leave everything – Luke 5:1-11

Jesus Calls His Disciples

Luke 5:1-11

Tell the Story

Tell the story: as best as you can, do not stop and teach, try not to make points (Commentary), just tell the story.

Rebuild the Story

As a group: chronologically rebuild the story from memory. Ask questions if necessary. Like – “What happened first?”, “ What happened next?”, “Did we leave out anything?”

Finally, have participants look at their Bibles and see if anything was added or left out of the story as they go through it one more time.

Ask Questions

General questions to ask after each story. These questions may lead to follow up questions that you ask as you dig deeper into the groups/individuals response to the initial questions.

  1. Where do you see yourself in this story?
  2. What do we learn about Jesus/God in this story?
  3. What is Jesus teaching his disciples in this story?
  4. What is Jesus teaching you personally through this story?
  5. What application/adjustment do you need to make in your life due to the truth discovered in this story?

Specific application questions to ask as they relate to the story. Ask these only after all general questions have been asked, if time is permitting. Or they can be used to generate connection and though by asking them before the story is told.

  1. Where do you see yourself in this story: on the shore, in the shallow water with Jesus, out in the deep water with Jesus, obediently casting your nets waiting for a catch, or have you left everything behind, following him?
  2. What has Jesus called you to, and what is your next step in your journey with Jesus based on where you see yourself in this story?


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