Story Set Example #3

The Life and Teachings of Jesus

This story set is designed to help lead folks through an over arching view of what Christ did in the Gospels; how he lived, how he discipled, what he called us to do, etc. These stories tie together a thread of scripture through the life of Jesus. There are several threads that can be followed through scripture: stories of God’s glory, sin, faith, forgiveness and redemption. Whatever your story set, you can do large over arching things such as these to help bring about a general understanding of scripture and the “Big Picture” of what God was doing throughout His story. These story sets are designed to cover an entire year, with holidays and a couple months for summer removed.

Story Set Example #3

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No. Title Scripture
1. Discovering Jesus John 1:19-51
2. Call to Discipleship Luke 5:1-11
3. Casting out an Evil Spirit Mark 1:21-39
4. Choosing the Twelve Luke 6:12-23
5. Sermon On the Mt. Part 1 Luke 6:27-36
6. Sermon on the Mt. Part 2 Luke 6:37-49
7. Parable of the Sower and the Seed Matt. 13:1-23
8. Healing of the Demon-Possessed Man Mark 5:21-43
9. Jesus Sends out the Twelve Matt. 9:35-10:22
10. Feeding the 5000 Matt. 14:13-33
11. Jesus, The Bread of Life John 6:22-69
12. Peter’s Confession Matt. 16:13-27
13. Transfiguration Matt. 17:1-21
14. Forgiving a Brother Matt. 18:15-35
15. The Cost of Following Jesus Luke 9:57-10:1
16. The Lord’s Prayer Dan. 3:1-30
17. The Cost of Being a Disciple Luke 14:25-35
18. Parable of the Lost Son Luke 15:11-31
19. Lazarus John 11:1-49
20. Serving Others Mark 10:31-45
21. Triumphal Entry Luke 19:28-48
22. Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet John 13:1-26
23. The Way to the Father John 14:1-18
24. Jesus, The True Vine John 15:1-17
25. Peter’s Denial Luke 22:31-62
26. Jesus Crucified Mark 15:1-39
27. He is Alive! Luke 24:1-49
28. Jesus restores Peter John 21:1-23


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