What is DNA-21

What is DNA-21

“DNA-21 is working to effectively lead a disciple-making revolution
through simple, experiential, and reproducible means.”

    DNA-21 is a process of developing disciple-makers in the 21st century through the same means Jesus used in the first century. So how did Jesus train His disciples?
    Jesus chose His disciples intentionally. He chose to live intently with a small group of 12 men in a deep and transparent relationship. Jesus called His disciples to Himself. He spent three years living, loving, and teaching his disciples through example, through life situations, and by explaining and applying the Scriptures. He modeled obedience to the Father daily and called his disciples to do the same. Jesus taught through sermons, parables, and stories. When He returned to Heaven, He relied on the Holy Spirit to teach, remind, and empower His disciples to make disciples of all nations – disciples who would obey His teachings and reproduce more disciples so that all peoples of the world might have the opportunity to know Him.


    DNA-21 desires to unleash a disciple-making revolution by replicating the “DNA of Jesus’ discipleship”. DNA-21 workshops uniquely combine several elements that have been effectively used by the Holy Spirit around the world to develop disciple-makers.
DNA-21 workshops will teach participants:

  • To spiritually engage in his/her environments by interacting with others, discerning their stage of spiritual development, and facilitating their growth until they become reproducing spiritual adults.
  • To grow disciples through supportive, transparent, and accountable relationships.
  • To use Bible-storying and to allow the Holy Spirit’s leadership to teach, learn, and apply the Scriptures to produce life change.

DNA-21 workshops are:

  • Simple: We use the Bible as our curriculum. We teach facilitators to tell the stories of Scripture, ask probing questions, and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal and apply the truth to those present.
  • Experiential: We teach people through active participation as learners-who-are-becoming–leaders within a small group.
  • Reproducible: Everything we teach can be implemented in numerous settings and is always focused on reproducing disciple-makers.

    An Invitation to DNA-21

    If you break these down you have:
    I – Intentional Discipleship
    C – (within) Community
    A – Application of scripture/obedience
    N – Next Generation is the focus.

    These four elements form an acronym that spells out I.C.A.N. That really is the heart of DNA-21; I can, you can, we can be a part of this revolution that Jesus started 2000 years ago of effectively making reproducible Disciple-Makers.

    Come join the REVOLUTION!

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